Love yourself by taking charge of your Health & inner self. Create a growth environment. Put yourself out there. Beyond your comfort zone. Into Pain, your way through. So you can be at ease. With all your insights, lessons learned and embodied wisdom. Rise and shine. Healing trauma’s. Facing realities. Know, you can take charge of anything. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You deserve to live happily. Oh Yes you can. You deserve to feel awesome. Oh Yes you are. You deserve to feel alive. Because you ARE. Breath it !!! Live it !!

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Kun je wel wat positivation gebruiken?

SOULfood. HARTsverlangens. HERSENpankrakers.


Voed je vuur (weer), voed je ziel.  Een wekelijkse boost aan positivation (positiviteit & motivatie). Just suck it up!! Dat wat jou dient dan he ;).  Lekkerrr wat levensenergie voor ons stressvolle bestaan. Life happens, ja toch! Tegenslagen? Je kunt er maar beter goed gemutst voor staan. 

spoiler alert: I eat positivation for breakfest.

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